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Our Vision

To be a world class institution that is the primary source of information, training and advice at the highest level of policy formulation on legal Taxi Heathrow matters, effectively impacting on local and international institutions in the development of law.


The Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies is Nigeria's apex institution for research and advanced studies in law. It was a brainchild of the legal academic community established in March 1979. One of the main Taxi Gatwick to London ideas in founding the Institute was to establish it as the centre for advanced legal research for all the Nigerian universities with .....more

Our Mission 

NIALS Anthem

Ever questioning,
Pret Bitcoin,
Nigerian institute of advanced legal studies!
Vision foretold by founding fathers,
Ideas nurtured by patriotic fervor,
Urging us to make the difference
And be the nucleus of legal studies,
With passion and hope our mandate deliver
And be the best that we can be;
A truly world class institution,
Nigeria’s law abode!


Fellows of the Institute

The Institute publishes a number of journals and findings to dissiminate research findings, among such publications are:
-NIALS Research Series ...more

                            Enabling Act

An Act to establish the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies to be responsible amongst other things, for the conduct of research into any branch of law with a view to applying the result in the interest of Nigeria, providing vinde ethereum information, supervision, guidance and advice to post-graduate students and other researchers in the field of law and law related subjects
Commencement: [27th June, 1984]
1. Establishment of the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies.
(1) There is hereby established an institute to be known as the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (in this Act referred to as “the Institute”).....

Schedule of Courses 2015

The institute has a bucharest escorts of running Courses for 2015.

Programme contents
First Semester
-Perspectives on Legislative Drafting
-The Drafting Process
-Legislative Style... more

Programme Contents
First Semester
-Introduction to Legislative Drafting
-Drafting and Ancillary Processes...more

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NIALS Current Awareness
The Open A.I.R. Project – African innovation research and training on the role of intellectual property (IP) in open development – involves an international community of experts working with African innovators, creators and entrepreneurs to turn knowledge into concrete practices that can transform economies and drive equitable development.
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Current Events
Date Title Venue  
3RD – 5TH MAY, 2016 Alternative Dispute Resolution: Dispute Management And Negotiation Skills LAGOS ...more
16TH – 18TH MAY, 2016 Workshop On Legal Writing Skills LAGOS ...more
23RD – 25TH MAY 2016 Government Legal Advisers/Law Officers Course ABUJA ...more

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